Bringing The Last House on the Left Slot to VoodooDreams Casino

the last house on the left online casino slot

The number of casino slots based on popular movies increases almost by a day and horror movies seems to be a preferred genre. It does make a lot of sense when you think about it, because horror movies have all the right elements: strong audio and visual effects, the suspense, and plots that can really drag people in.

So, if we were to pick the next one from the crowd, The Last House on the Left stands out as a good candidate. This 2009 film directed by Dennis Iliadis and staring Garet Dillahunt, Monica Potter, and Tony Goldwyn is actually a remake of the 1970s classic and it has everything required to make it an extremely exciting slot, similar to Paranormal Activity or Halloween.

The One to Keep Us on the Edge

The Last House on the Left has some controversy attached to it because of some scenes just taking things too far. However, there is no denying this is a suspenseful movie that just keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish as you’re trying to guess what’s going to happen next.

This makes it excellent material for a video slot.

There are just so many cut-scenes and thematic bonus features that could be incorporated into the game that possibilities are pretty much endless. And, if the game makers get the atmosphere right, the slot could be as exciting as the movie. With so many titles already out there to look at for inspiration, this even seems like low-hanging fruits ready for picking.


Voodoodreams casino should launch it

Slot creators have their creative freedom to make the games in the way they feel is right. However, with the Last House on the Left, it feels like it would be good to stay with industry trends and do a 243-ways+ slot instead of traditional paylines. That way the game would not only appeal to the fans of the genre but also to a much wider playing audience because of the winning potential.

Of course, the idea to launch the slot on a popular casino site such as Voodoo Dreams is a no-brainer. With a huge player base, this would be an excellent platform to give the game the visibility it deserves and bring The Last House to the Left back to life in style. With some free spins thrown in the mix as well to accompany the promotion, it just feels like a slam-dunk.

As for the bonus features, we’d definitely love to see some innovation. Traditional pick & click bonuses and bonus spins are all fine and good, but we’re at the point where possibilities are so much bigger. A bonus feature that actually puts the player inside a movie plot is so much better.

Overall, with just a bit of creativity and imagination, The Last House on the Left slot would definitely be a great success, especially among the fans of the genre. On top of that, it would help breathe new life into this somewhat forgotten cult classic, which is always a big plus.

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