Decorating with The Last House on the Left Wall Art

The Last House on the Left is one of those thriller movies that plays with your emotion for good. As expected from a movie based on the 1972 same title film by Wes Craven, The Last House on the Left will have horror/thriller movie enthusiasts rejoicing.

To go with the movie’s promotions is the poster. And if you’re a collector of these wall arts, The Last House on the Left movie poster is an interesting addition to your stash.

The Last House on the Left has a number of movie posters at the time of its release, and these same posters were reproduced for wall art décor. One of the most popular is that of the official movie poster. It bears the title of the movie with an eerie image of a woman separated by a lake from the house, the perfect setting to a sinister movie.

Since horror movie posters are quite different than the ordinary wall art, decorating with it requires a bit of effort and creativity. With your Last House on the Left movie poster ready, here are some effective tips on how to decorate your home without reminding you of days gone by in college dorm rooms.

  • Keep it simple. When it comes to decorating with horror movie posters, it’s essential to keep it simple. The focal point is your poster. Hang it to be the centerpiece of a room, highlighting the poster’s aesthetics. For example, a large wall art for living room should be the center of attention so that the instance somebody enters the room, the attention will be solely focused on that specific wall art. If you’re framing it, choose a material that will not clash with the poster.
  • Size matters. Aesthetics wise, go for bigger size movie posters to make an impact. One that catches attention from the first moment someone enters the room. Refrain from using smaller posters of The Last House on the Left to avoid the college dorm room feels. But if you do use it, style it into a gallery wall of horror movies, so it will still have that impact. Tip: Put this poster side by side with the movie poster of the 1972 film of the same name too.
  • Frame it. Or if not, find alternative ways to hang your movie poster. Never tuck it into the wall of the room, because the goal here is to showcase it in style. Tucking it with pins or even masking tape will make your room look like a college dorm. For a better alternative, you can put your The Last House on the Left poster on a blank canvas and mount it on an easel. Just the right thing to add class to any room.

A poster’s quality can make or break an excellent design or theme. A superior quality poster, one with high resolution graphics, is essential to ensure that it looks good up close and personal as the ones used in the movie promotions. For gallery walls, you can be as creative as you want. Just keep in mind that the rest of your posters and wall décor complement each other. There are many similar posters with the same theme or feel of The Last House on the Left poster you can pick from.

If you love to watch movies and are a great fan of movie posters, make sure to bring it to your home space too. With a little effort, creativity, and the right supplier of high-quality posters, this will definitely be a lot of fun.